Pure Hydration Travel Kit (4pcs)

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The luxury hair travel kit was created for ease and convenience to take with you on holiday, business trips or to the gym/pool

This all-star kit contains the Terre a Mers Pure Hydration moisture-based essential items to wash, condition and intensively treat your hair. It was created to last you up two weeks on the road. 

Formulated with the latest amino acid complex moisture and hydration elements, combined with Argan oil to seal in the moisture. All of which fit into a cute travel pouch, you’ll have hydrated hair no matter where you are. 

It is perfect for a weekend away or a luxurious gift for your mum, one of the gals or to yourself.

pure hydration shampoo (60 ml)
pure hydration conditioner (60ml)
pure hydration intensive treatment (50 ml)  
nutri serum (50 ml)

Recommend in combination with Deep Fortifying Travel Kit. 

1 PACK: $69.99 for each kit
2 PACK: $64.99 for each kit
3 PACK: $59.99 for each kit
6 PACK: $54.99 for each kit
12 PACK: $49.99 for each kit

Each RRP for $109.95 salon price.


▪️ The highest moisturising shampoo in the Terre a Mer range.

▪️ High performance shampoo cleaning hair and ensuring vitamins and nutrients are constantly applied.

⭐ Certified Keratin Aftercare. Designed to extend Terre a Mers Keratin Treatment.

PRO TIP: Protects your keratin investment to ensure you get the longest out of the treatment.

This kit is perfect to take away on Holidays, Business Trips or used as a perfect gift for anyone with dry hair.

It comes in a beautiful box that allows it to feel special.

It contains all the essential aftercare in a small size and will last approx 2 weeks.

Recommend Retail Pricing
Pure Hydration Shampoo 250ml $52.95
Pure Hydration Conditioner 250ml: $52.95
Pure Hydration Intensive Treatment 200ml : $64.95
Pure Hydration Travel Kit 4pcs: $109.95